Wharf jumping is one way that a person may assert their right to their environment
and perform a spectacle of self-expression outside of the routine constraints of the city.
By appropriating the precarious space between private and public, commercial and
communal, regulated and free, one is making a positive stance for a more vibrant and free
city life. By encouraging personal expression and public communication and sociability,
wharf jumping is adding to city culture and fostering the development of a sense of

In contrast to the propagated passive consumer lifestyle, wharf jumping encourages a
more active way to enjoy the environment. This assertive use of acheter du cialis en ligne public space pushes the
boundaries of sport and urban activity, questioning and loosening any implicit constraints
on behaviour.

Wharf jumping is a sustainable way to enjoy the waterways of the city and country
and encourage their up-keep and positive development. It is free and inclusive and is
a harmless source of entertainment for the jumper and spectator alike. Through wharf
jumping, those performing and those watching are able to connect positively and
authentically with the environment and with the community.