Although becoming more efficient and technically advanced, Western culture is not
developing in a way conducive to cultural richness, diversity and personal expression.
Globalization, privatization, standardization and the continued commodification of
the environment inhibit vitality and choice. The city is quickly becoming little more
than a homogenized commercial network where the inhabitants are reduced to passive

The economic systems driving the urban environment into this condition of cultural
marginalization are also undoubtedly adversely impacting the environment. Reckless
development and pollution have destroyed many acheter du cialis en ligne unique environments around the world
and will continue to do so until a reassessment of our priorities as humans on this earth is
made and action is taken.

These debilitating conditions are increasingly being recognized and unrest has been
building in society, giving rise to, for example, the Occupy movements around the
Western world. However, an apathetic reluctance to act in a politically overt manner
conceived by a sense of powerlessness and alienation in society prevents many from
taking action.