The New Zealand Wharf Jumping Association (NZWJA) is a not-for-profit incorporated society.


  • was started in the summer of 2007/08 to foster and celebrate a huge nationwide past-time
  • to provide a voice for wharf jumpers and other recreational waterfront users
  • to keep an eye on legislation and development and keep wharf enthusiasts informed
  • produced The New Zealand Wharf Jumper magazine in 2008 to wide acclaim/demand
  • incorporated as not-for-profit Incorporated Society in 2010
  • is currently working on Wharf Rats
  • in the future will continue to educate the public, provide a voice for wharf jumpers and consult council and developers on waterfront development and
  • work with other groups with complementary objectives

The NZWJA is run by a committed team of staff and volunteers